tulleIn 2011, I bought a one-way ticket to Paris and packed my bags. Weeks led to months which led to a full year living abroad. The experience gave me, among other things, thousands of photographs that are a witness to my journey.

Every day in Paris, I would pick a new street to explore and look for a new way to get lost. I arrived with a hit list of top places I wanted to see but quickly realized it was more fun not knowing where I was going or what I would find. It took me 3 days of following my nose up and down side streets near my apartment before I realized what I was seeing in the distance was the Eiffel Tower. It was a pure delight to wander down a quiet street and unsuspectingly round the corner to Le Madeleine or, equally enrapturing, a sunlit moment of a child eager for a treat from the Patisserie. At every turn, my camera shutter was clicking.

Every night, I would climb the 92 winding stairs to my top floor flat on the Ile Saint Louis. Aching feet and weariness turned to anticipation and delight with every upload of the day’s photos captured. Some nights I would flop into bed and declare the following day a perfectly grand day to stay in my PJs and read and recoup. But before the sun would rise, I would bound out of bed with miraculously refreshed feet and energy, and pound the cobblestone streets another day.

It was a rare and remarkable season. I spent long hours in quiet conversation with myself, my camera, and the City of Lights. Some days, the only person I would talk with was my baker or grocer who kindly recommended the best cheeses and wine to my naive but appreciative palate. Much to his delight (or perhaps amusement), I would return and give him my review, prompting his enthusiastic guidance for my next purchase. The city nourished me and in ways I wouldn’t have thought of before, became my friend. It was one of the quietest and most magical times of my life.

In 2012, I launched Pamela Jane Photography and have enjoyed many trips back to Paris, as well as other adventures to other places yielding other collections. Like many who have gone before me, I whole heartedly say: Paris is always a good idea.

This shop invites you to sit back with a cup of coffee and flip through The Paris Collection, making it your own as you reminisce your own moments in Paris or anticipate moments yet to be.



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